News-Studio Recording

This winter Helsinki has been warmed with the presence of hot new rising star Agnia. She is currently hard at work with a host of renowned Finnish rock musicians. The project is really starting to cook now and we look forward to the eagerly awaited release of the new album in autumn 2009.


Recently the first professional video has been made, the single, contained two pop-rock songs and album contained nine pop-rock songs has been recorded in cooperation with “Amber Production OY”, the company of Finland this year.   The known Finnish producer Kim Kuusi said on presentation in Helsinki of clip of «Halloy!Halloy!” young latvian singer AGNIA «This debut heaves up on an absolute hit.»    The general producer of video-production Kare Hellen said that a collective had made quite a bit pushes for creation of clip and he turned out just the same, what him to itself and musicians which do not intend to decide on attained presented.

Video Production

General producer Kara Helle, producer-editor Anders Meynander, director of the Marie Mantela.        Musical production: Composer-producer Samuli Layho, General producer Kim Kuusi     Cooperation of two producer companies: AMBER CORPORATION OY (general producer Jaroslav Zaharenko) and Musicmakers (Musicmakers Oy)