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 23There is a hot new star rising on the pop-rock scene, and it’s Agnia, recently signed with the Finnish production company Amber Production, featuring world-class producers Kim Kuusi, Kari Hynninen, Kare Hellen and others. The musical producer for her project is well-known Finnish rock musician and composer, Samuli Laiho, who has experience working with some of the most popular Finnish rock bands.

Agnia performs a hot mix of high-end rock charged with the energy and sincerity of a young singer, and she’ll soon have listeners throughout Finland and the Baltics full of that fine summer mood.

Agnia was born on Valentine's Day (February 14th, 1994) – the day of lovers -- in Jurmala, Latvia's most musical city. She has been training her voice since the tender age of five, and in 2009 she successfully completed her studies at the Jurmala School of Music. Agnia sings in Latvian, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese, and has been participating in festivals and competitions in Italy, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Russia, Belarus, France, and Latvia.

Working with Amber Production, Agnia has just recorded her first CD with the two hit singles Hello Hello (S. Laiho / M. Laiho) and Heart is Broken (S. Laiho / M. Laiho). In June 2009 a hot summer video of Hello Hello was released on the Internet and has been exciting listeners around the world. The video will be promoted on music television channels in Finland, Latvia and the rest of the Baltic States, and soon her songs will be playing on radio stations throughout the Baltic region.

Agnia’s full-length album Never November will be released in Autumn 2009. The album’s impeccable collection of songs tells the true story of a young girl’s first love. Each phase of her emotional journey has its song, and altogether the 11 pieces make up a complete listening experience, a real piece of musical art where every note and every word count. The album is a unique blend of good music, sincere lyrics and the pure voice of a young woman singer listening to the beat of her heart.

Her name is Agnia, and the hits of this rising pop-rock star will soon be finding their fans all over Europe.