On April 30, 2010 the popular Finnish pop-rock group Automatic Eye will perform at Crystal Club (Riga, Latvia) introducing Agnia, the young rising star, to the Latvian public.


During the concert in the popular Crystal Club Automatic Eye will perform their new compositions from the recently released album «ZEN» and also will introduce the young singer Agnia performing several songs from her debut album «Never November» together with her.

The young voice and sincere manner of Agnia combined with strong positive energy of the Finnish musicians will make a real «emotional explosion» in Riga!

The Performers:

Automatic Eye

«Being in contradiction with the most typical stereotype of Finnish musicians, Automatic Eye avoids depressive emotions and proposes only positive energy waves to the public» (Free! Magazine). The Automatic Eye’s musicians say that they are probably the happiest group in the World.


The young red-haired singer Agnia brings you a hot-mix of  corpulent rock, energy,  sincerity and summer mood.