Jomas Street Hoiday! 

Jomas Street is the most famous street in Jurmala (Latvia) . There was a Jomas Street holiday on 3 July and now it’s over. There were so many people and different performances. AgniA also performed there. She sang almost 1 hour. The public was unbelievable and the weather was super!


On April 30, 2010 the popular Finnish pop-rock group Automatic Eye will perform at Crystal Club (Riga, Latvia) introducing Agnia, the young rising star, to the Latvian public.

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{flv img="videos/video.jpg" screenmode="coverlay" width="300" height="243"}Agnia 20 sek TV DV{/flv}

Presentation of Agnia’s debut album “Never November” in Riga.  Amber Production invites you to the presentation of Agnia’s debut album “Never November” at Crystal Club, Riga, on the 6th of November, 2009. Entrance will open at 21:00. Sponsor of the show is Altia (Finland). Welcome! 

AgniA’s interview on Latvian LTV-7 Channel.